I am fascinated by the way things work, and how they are engineered and assembled. For me, the process of constructing the object is as important as the statement the finished piece makes.

As a student of Architecture, Matthew was drawn to the challenge of creating a dialog between space and form. In his current work as a jeweler, he finds that challenge in defining the relationship between materials, whether contrasting or complementary. Matthew uses fine materials and advanced techniques in combination with nontraditional materials and simple shapes. This interaction emphasizes the differences or similarities between elements. The search for new materials is part of what brings Matthew joy in his work, and he enjoys the challenge of engineering and creating beautiful objects using newfound metals and stones.

An unusual stone, an intriguing metal, or a newly developed skill sparks Matthew's creative fire. His ideas begin to take shape as he cuts, forms, and assembles each individual part. Gradually, with meticulous attention to detail, Matthew fuses the individual elements onto a single object.

• University of North Carolina at Charlotte, College of Architecture, 1989-1990
• Central Piedmont Community College, Jewelry Basics and Open Workshop, 1990-1992

• Apprentice to J. Michael McRae, Goldsmith; Custom Jewelry Studio, Charlotte, NC, 1991-1997
• Inhouse Designer and Jeweler; Johannes-Hunter Jewelers, Colorado Springs, CO, 1997-1998
• Commonwheel Artists Co-Op, Manitou Springs, CO, 2003-2007
• Owner, Designer, Jeweler; Matthew Crawford Designs, 1998-Present

Awards and Honors:
• First Place, Jewelers of America Design Competition, 2000
• Platinum Honors, AGTA Spectrum Awards, 2001
• Finalist, Saul Bell Design Competition, 2002
• Editor’s Choice, Best Custom Jeweler With an Edge, Colorado Springs Independent (Newspaper), 2004


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